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Como chingas.

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Santiago, Chile: “Free Palestine! Super dope to see international struggles come together here in Chile, where the largest population of Palestinians exists outside of Palestine. Amazing video shoot for @anatijoux new song ft Shadia Mansour.”

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Happy birthday Prince!!


Happy birthday Prince!!

Today a someone flew away. I knew her from the hazy days in the bunker. They say her heart suddenly stopped last night— but everyone knows it was all but sudden. I felt everything quiet for a minute. I was sitting at my desk at work, and suddenly I was back there, a silent stoned fairy child watching over all of these twiggy girls swimming in drug dreams. I didn’t know I was watching at the time, but I always knew I needed to. Your wings are not foolproof. I wonder if she felt herself falling. I wonder if I could have caught her.

Mama and I are both broke so we went to Lucys and drank cheap tequila and inhaled greasy nachos for dinner. Her heart belongs to a bright blue costa rica house on la boca, a place she’s always known and hasn’t been able to articulate. Mama found it. I was crying into my margarita about what I always do— the words are always so hard to find for me now. Feeling has always been verbose enough. The old Hollywood headshot of Humphrey Bogart looked down at me on the Lucys cobblestones and told me to shut up and use my cactus teeth, bit into the silences you perpetuate, and live. Live like C always needed to, live like the blue of mamas boca house, live like the extravagance broke nachos, live like sunday mornings in los angeles and catch yourself, this time.



Support your local paletero this summer

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Proyecto “Propaganda Y Conciencia” Cartel GALEANO VIVE! Gran OM, May. 2014


Proyecto “Propaganda Y Conciencia” Cartel GALEANO VIVE! Gran OM, May. 2014

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Soñar es saber


Soñar es saber

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Daniel Alarcón explains the value of telling a story in its original language. Watch the latest in Transom’s new “This is Radio” series:

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Daniel Alarcón explica el valor de contar una historia en su idioma original. La nueva entrevista en la serie “This is Radio” de

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Video: Andrew Norton

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